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Celebrity Recliner Chairs - A By-Word For Comfort

The simple words 'Celebrity recliner chair' are for many synonymous with comfort, relaxation and peace. All's well with the world when you're settled snugly into a Celebrity. Really, is there anything more satisfying than sitting back and enjoying the comfort of your own home from a relaxing riser recliner? A spot of TV, a nice cup of tea, the crossword, a good read - a right royal feeling! Especially if you find normal chairs uncomfortable, or tend to struggle getting in and out of conventional chairs. The weight off your feet, at ease, your body supported in perfect balance. Easy in, easy out and every moment in between a joy. Wonderful! Celebrity recliners - an oasis of comfort and calm.

There Are Recliner Chairs.... And There Are Recliner Chairs

Within the Celebrity recliner chair range there are numerous different types of recliner available running from simple recliners to electric riser recliners and 2 or 3 seater settees.

Recliners terminology can be a little confusing. You've also probably come across a whole host of terms including:

  • Electric riser recliners.
  • Lift and rise recliners.
  • Electric lift and rise recliners.
  • Lift and tilt recliners.
  • Mobility recliner chairs.
  • Mobility electric recliner chairs.
  • Single motor riser recliners.
  • Dual motor riser recliners.

Essentially - whatever the name, whatever the style and whether you use a riser recliner or a manual recliner the end result is invariably the same. Effortless maneuverability and fabulous comfort - in the comfort of your own home. It's simply a case of identifying the recliner chair that's right for you.

Recliner Advice

If you're wondering which is the perfect Celebrity recliner for you and would like to take a closer look at the options, you've certainly come to the right place. We've more than 40 years experience in helping people find just the right recliner and can expertly advise you on your options. Choose from an unbeatable range of Celebrity recliner styles, fabrics, colours, sizes and reclining actions.

Despite the wealth of options there are though some things that all our Celebrity recliners have in common:

  • All our recliners are Made in Britain
  • All recliners come with a 5 Year Warranty
  • We include a 100% Money Back Guarantee with every recliner.
  • Every recliner we sell includes a FREE 2 Man Delivery to the room of your choice.

Take a quick look around our site to see our superb selection - we're bound to have one with your name on it! Notice too that all the display photos on our site are taken of recliners held in stock at our Manchester showroom.

It's because we hold such extensive stocks of Celebrity recliners that we can offer such fantastic pricing and ship them so quickly. Did we mention our FREE 2 Man Delivery to the room of your choice service?

Extensive stocks, Brilliant service and unbeatable pricing. Little wonder that we're the UK's No1 Celebrity Riser Recliner supplier.

Have you had the pleasure? Are you inclined to recline? Trust us to you find your perfect Celebrity recliner. We've already helped thousands of happy customers find endless hours of home comfort and relaxation, we can do the same for you too.

Drop in and see us at our Manchester showroom or call us on 0808 178 7195 for more information and we'll do everything we can to find you the perfect recliner at a perfect price.

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